Locating Your Phone Model Number

We recommend that you verify your phone model before purchasing in order to avoid ordering incorrectly. Please locate the Make of your device below and follow the directions to locate your exact model number.

Apple IOS

Your Apple Model number is printed on the back of your device. The Model number begins with the letter A and is followed by a series of numbers. You may visit Apple's Phone Identification Page to verify the exact model.

Samsung and other Andriod Devices

Step 1 - Navigate to Menu and Click on Settings

Step 2 - Scroll through the list and view the section labeled "About Phone"

Step 3 - Locate your Model Name and Model Number in the list

Older Devices

Step 1 - Remove the back cover of your device.

Step 2 - Remove the battery.

Step 3 - Your model number will be printed on the inside of the phone, usually on a white label.