Top 3 Must-Read Tips To Buy A Smartphone Case

May 10, 2017 0 Comments

Top 3 Must-Read Tips To Buy A Smartphone Case

We think so much when we buy a cell phone. We read so many articles on the internet and consult each and every friend. And why should you not? While you spend a huge amount of money on it, ensure that the phone is worth buying.

The day we buy a phone, it becomes the most important thing in our life but we start being careless about it with the passing time. Cell phones are expensive but a delicate item. We can never know when can it fall off from our hand and get broken. Thus, buying a phone case is an investment worth every penny. Let’s say you have  a Kyocera cell phone but are confounded about buying Kyocera cell phone cases.

Here is a list of points you should consider before buying a cell phone case:


There are some phone covers that are made to fit a large number of cell phones. Do not buy them. You should always buy a cover that is made, especially, taking into consideration, the design of your phone. There are many small details that one must look into when buying a case. They are:

  1. The case must provide room for your phone’s side buttons.
  2. It must provide a perfect hole for the camera and the LED flash.
  3. There must be holes for speakers and mic at the very location where they are.
  4. It should have room for earphone jack such that it fits in perfectly.
  5. The case should have the right hole to accommodate its charging wire to its full length.

When it comes to phone cases there’s nothing like one-size-fits-all. You must check all these details carefully before making a purchase.


The primary reason for buying a cell phone case is to give your phone an extra layer of protection. If the case couldn’t provide that, it would be worthless. You must see if the case is made up of material that can take shocks, in cases, if your phone accidentally falls off from your hand.

There are some phone covers that are made from two materials, one is silicone that gives your phone some cushion and the other is a hard plastic like PC plastic that ensures the case is hard from the outside. PC plastic also ensures good grip which makes the phone hard to slip-off.

Style and Features

Of course, style of the phone matters a lot. You must buy a phone cover that matches your style. There are many phone cases that will make your phone look stylish and will help you get a unique look. Personalization of phone cases has become very popular nowadays. You can also get yourself personalized phone covers from Miniturtle.

Some phone cases have features like a pop-out kickstand. This makes it easier for you to watch videos in landscape mode without you holding it the entire time.

It is important that you buy the phone cover from a good store that has a good customer care and easy return and refund policies.