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Smartphone Tech You Will Likely See in 2018

In the past decade, smartphone technology has achieved incredible technological advances that has changed the way we communicate and interact with the world around us. Many of us remember the days when smartphones did not exist. Instead, we had simple games like snake on an indestructible Nokia phone, and we were happy with that. These days, smartphones are like mini supercomputers. Smartphone can do virtually anything. From multiple running apps, social media, high-tech cameras to fingerprint scanning. Our phones are built to meet every need including transportation & food from apps like Uber. It is hard to imagine that the world could possibly come up with new and exciting features to quench our need for smartphone technology. But technology never ceases to amaze. Here is a quick look into what 2018 has to offer.

Selfie Phones

I know what you are thinking. We can already take selfies with our phones. Sure, you can, but not like the new device SONY recently announced. The SONY Xperia XA2 smartphone is being named the best selfie phone in the market today. The main feature is a front-facing dual wide-angle camera capable of capturing photos far wider than any other smartphone in the along with dual flash option. We all know that it is hard to fit a big group of people into one selfie, with the SONY Xperia XA2 that will soon be an old issue. If only SONY can figure out how to teach grandma how to snap a photo we would be all set. If you would like to read more about the Xperia Xa2 Specs check out Sony dedicated XA2 Camera Details page here.

Facial Recognition

This may sound like old news to you since the release of Apple iPhone X Facial recognition software in 2017. But, lets admit it. Apple really let us down this year with the iPhone X. Not only was the screen size smaller than the iPhone 8 Plus but the facial recognition software was hit or miss for many users. This means that facial recognition software in smartphones has a long way to until perfection. There are rumors that Samsung should roll out their new smartphone chip that is expected to offer Facial Recognition features for the upcoming Galaxy S9 as mentioned on Engadget here. However, we will have to wait and see what features the S9 will bring.

Ultra-Fast 5G Wireless Network

That’s right folks. Ultra-fast. Currently, most of us are familiar with the “fast” 4G network that most smartphones run on today. By the end of the year, AT&T is expected to roll out “super-fast” 5G networks in various areas around the U.S. You can read all about the roll out of 5g Networks on their website here.

We can expect to see technology grow despite the number of innovations that have already been offered to us. Whether it is through faster wireless networks or Facial Recognition software, 2018 will likely surprise us with what it has to offer. One thing is for sure, MiniTurtle will be here to protect your expensive tech. From Samsung Galaxy S9 cases to iPhone X Plus cases, we will have you covered.



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