4 Stylish LG Phone Cases You Can’t Afford To Miss

October 17, 2017 0 Comments

4 Stylish LG Phone Cases You Can’t Afford To Miss

Phone cases had come a long way since when either protection or style was sacrificed. Nowadays, you can have protective covers for your mobile which would look upscale. A single phone case would suffice the purpose of both the aspects evidently.

If you have been hoping for some novelty in the market of smartphone covers, just explore this blog and acquaint yourself with how you can protect your device, yet in style.

Clip Armor

If you’re hunting phone cases for your LG V20 that offers ultimate protection, you can consider Clip Armor. It would help you to relish adventuring journeys without concerning about losing or dropping your smartphone. It is because, it comes with a 180-degree swivel belt clip, which assures you that your phone won’t slip off pockets. Above all, it is designed in such a way that it offers a considerable amount of protection when it is fallen from a certain height.

Shock Fusion

The great combination of being shockproof, offering ultimate protection and stylish appearance makes this type of phone cases the best ones. If you’re the one who often ends up damaging your smartphone just because of power currents passing through it, Shock Fusion would make a significant difference to prevent from harms to the device. Moreover, it also offers excellent protection as it is designed with dual layers among which one protects the device from the outer side, and other provides precise-fit to it.

Flex Force

You can go for this type of cover for your cell phone when you seek for the flexibility. Flex Force is plain, simple and light in weight which holds the design of low profile thin. It gives a precise fit to your LG phone as it is made up of silicone. Moreover, the edges are raised to prevents scratches on the screen or smudges.

Though designs printed on it looks fabulous, you can either opt for the transparent or customize it your way. At Miniturtle, we offer you the freedom to have any one of it from the options available.

Armor Reloaded

This type of phone case holds qualities of both super protective kinds of the covers. Similar to Clip Armor it has a clip that can be fastened on the belt and offers protection as that of Hybrid mobile covers.

The alluring features of Armor reloaded cell phone case comprises of dual layer balance, raised edge scratch protection, 180-degree swivel belt clip, low profile kickstand to offer you convenience and unique designs printed on it.

Get inspired by the list of LG stylus cases that are mentioned above. If any of it fascinates you, just grab one from our website. Moreover, you don’t even have to worry of the designs on it, and you can bedeck it your way by customizing in 4 easy steps. By this means, you can create a phone case that reflects your personality flawlessly.